Lunacy vs Spacetime 4



Droid2 Quickoffice Spy/Nagware

I have to thank Verizon Wireless again for installing all this garbage on my phone that I can’t get rid of(without rooting the phone and probably invalidating my ability to receive future updates, at least.)

Today this Quickoffice garbage popped up its own custom icon in the notification bar, upon opening it I was sent to a page telling me that ‘Your Android device came pre-installed with a version of Quickoffice that provides mobile office productivity. It’s yours to use for free, forever.’  …however, you can upgrade to the full suite for this low low price!

I’ve only run Quickoffice once, on the day I got the phone. It’s been rebooted several times since then, so I know it wasn’t running. I can see an upgrade banner coming up when I run the software, but what the hell? Apparently they have a special service running fulltime on my device searching for updates for the things I don’t even want(it was not the normal app update message I get for everything else.) How much of my device’s resources/battery life is being wasted in service of these things that I don’t want, but can’t remove?

Oh well, random rage over.


Lunacy vs Spacetime 3: Super Powers


I guess you’d have to have been there. Characters based on (distorted)reality are fun.


Lunacy vs Spacetime 2



Lunacy vs Spacetime 1

I was sitting, with my computers off because I was too depressed to bother turning them on, and scribbled a thoroughly unfunny comic as something to do to keep from killing myself. It’s not meant to make sense, but it may frighten you to know it made perfect sense to me at the time. I named it Lunacy vs Spacetime just because.



FF14 starting stats sheet

It always bothers me when stuff like this isn’t available in one place.


Final Fantasy 14 Starting Stats sheet


FFXIV ‘Open Beta’ a sham

“Applications for the FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test have been temporarily suspended. Please wait until we are ready to accept new applications and then try again.”

I’ve gotten this message on the application form intermittently since the ‘Open’ Beta started last night(already a day late at the time due to ‘critical errors.’)

Despite Squenix not even accepting new applicants, their page is giving error messages most of the time before you can even get to the above message. That is amazing to me. I had thought that people pretty much had the web figured out by now. I hope the people coding the game are a little more current in their skillset.


My Droid 2 un-boxing

I heard that these un-boxing demonstrations were quite the thing on the Internet these days. Since there has been so much consternation surrounding my long wait and eventual purchase of a Motorola Droid 2, I figured I would put something together.

Droid 2 box

It is quite the tiny box.. my hand(and desktop) included for scale. Oh, my poor now-retired XV6700 made it into the shot. Alas. I decided to wait until I got home to really mess with it..


Droid 2 box

Alright, now that I’m home let’s open this up.

Droid 2 Box

How exciting.

Droid 2 box

Not exactly how I would have done it, but let’s dig deeper.

Cheese Sandwich


Cheese Sandwich 

I hate you, Verizon Wireless.



Ok, obviously the phone was really in there, and this is an inside joke. Sorry if you ended up on this page by accident!

I did find this kind of amusing in the Motorola Terms of Service on the phone:

Motorola TOS

I wager the genius who sent out thousands of Droid 2’s with a ‘put text here’ slug in the terms of service is feeling real sly about now.


X3: Terran Conflict

So, I decided to give X3TC a go since a friend is also playing.

Terran Defender / Normal
Primary Goal:
Establish player base somewhere
Secondary Goals:
Become non-awful at the game or understand how shit works
Finish game storyline

Game session 1:
Completed small patrol, Found some enemy guys, warped to a new system, got into a minor combat, chased a guy, completed many patrols, killed some enemy guys, completed more patrols, got sent back to Saturn system at the very end of the mission… upon arrival a cutscene began, during which I lost control of my craft, which was safely nestled by the jumpgate. I was trying to confirm what the docking command was on my command sheet for 0-5 seconds(I’m not really sure, it was very fast), when suddenly the camera switched to third person with my ship exploding, and an overlay of GAME OVER, as a large transport ship crashed into/flew through my ship.

An hour+ wasted. It was a long mission.


Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Giving Morrowind a revisit because, well, I never finished it. I got to the end basically but then stopped playing for some reason. I bought, but never played, Tribunal and Bloodmoon, so here we go. A friend wanted a list of mods I ended up installing, so here’s what I ended up with:


Make a clean install of Morrowind and fully patch up to 1.6.1.whatever (assuming you have both addons, if you don't, get them)

After you make the clean install, zip it up and leave the zip laying someplace out of the Morrowind directory structure. You'll probably need it to roll back a mistake or restore the .exe or whatever.

#Run these, in order:

Morrowind Code Patch (build 19510)
Morrowind Graphics Extender (3.8.0b)

Set up a shader in MGE, and set up hotkeys to take screenshot and toggle the shaders. I use HDR Somethingorother 2 and HDR Lighting.

The game will be dark as fuck if you don't play fullscreen in MGE, because Gamma correction won't work windowed. If you find a fix for this let me know.

#Install the following, in order:
Unique Shadow Pack 2.0
Visual Pack 2.11
Visual Pack 2.2
Visual Pack XT (yes, these are 3 separate mods)
New Beast Bodies 3.3
Better Bodies 2.2
Better Heads  1.1
Unofficial Morrowind Patch 1.6.4

#Install these in any order, really:
Bottle Replacer
Flask Replacer
Silverware Enhancer v2
Children of Morrowind (multiple steps to install)
Glowing Daedric Armor 
Daedric Weapons Enhancer- No reflections
Left Gloves Addon v2 (this is actually very good)
Sexy Ebony Armor
Sexy Bonemold Armor
Sexy Glass Armor (I have yet to see any of these three in the game)
Bloodmoon Extras v.2
Bloodmoon Female Armor Fix v.3
Nighttime Door Locks 1.1a
Passive Healthy Wildlife 0715
Tribunal Integration v.5
Voice Greetings
Vivec Expansion 2.0
Pluginless NoGlow

#Official addons:
Adamantium Armor
Area Effect Arrows
Bitter Coast Sounds
EB Artifact (Helm of Tohan)
Le Femme Armor
Master Index

#Finally, run LAST:
Morrowind List Merge v1.1

Morrowind List Merge will make itself the 'newest' addon, and thus the authoritative one as far as overwriting shit in other addons. This is important because all of the weird spawn levels and other garbage amongst all of your mods need to be integrated together in order to work. This will farm all the info from the various addons and spit out a merged index of all the event spawns and levels and so on.

There are surely more/better mods out there, but I didn’t want to substantially change the gameplay, really.. even the universally reviled combat system. I always change my character’s Speed stat to 100 or better in Morrowind, it’s just a matter of sanity.